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Come Cycle with Us! We Welcome Riders of All Abilities


Weekly Rides: Road and SUP conditions continue to improve on a steady basis, and Ding Darling REOPENED in April. Weekly club rides kick off Saturday mornings at 8:00 am from the parking lot next to the Community House. Conditions are still variable, so remember that you are riding at your own risk and be attentive to loose debris on roads and paths.


Off-Island Rides: Off-island rides have concluded for the 2022-23 season..

Election of Officers:
 The results of the online poll were unanimous and were accepted at the January board meeting. The following individuals were elected for 2023:


Officers Board Members
President - Allison Havill  Marcus Owens
Vice President - Jim Meyer   Paul Burke
Secretary - Greg Anderson Tom Sharbaugh
Treasurer - Dan Wilhelm Rich Tisch
Karen Weber





Sanibel is a beautiful, sub-tropical barrier island in the Gulf of Mexico, blessed with sunshine, beaches, lush vegetation, abundant wildlife, quiet streets and 23 miles of paved shared use paths. In short, under normal conditions Sanibel is a paradise for cycling. Unfortunately, current conditions are anything but normal. On September 28, 2022, we suffered a heavy blow from Hurricane Ian, including partial destruction of the Sanibel Causeway - the only land route on and off the island. At this time it is unknown when residents will be allowed to come back; however, as we do return, our abundant shared use paths will take on extra meaning as the most useful way to get around the island in the absence of cars.


The Sanibel Bicycle Club was formed in 1994 and over the years has grown to include several hundred members. The club has three distinct missions:

  • To promote cycling for recreation, transportation and health.
  • To advocate for improvements in the safety and infrastructure of Sanibel’s shared-use path system.
  • To provide an opportunity for cycling enthusiasts to ride and socialize together.




Club members include recreational cyclists of all levels, from casual to serious, as well as non-cyclists who support Sanibel’s shared path system. It’s a friendly group who are always ready to welcome new members. Even though we're not riding on island at the moment, we still welcome your support. Membership requirements are as simple as 1, 2, 3:

  1. Pay annual dues (online) - $30 individual, $45 family
  2. Sign legal release (online)
  3. All wear a helmet on Club rides

What are you waiting for? JOIN NOW!

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